For the higher capacity in a industry, this three-tier giant has a capacity to simultaneously dry up to 500 kg of produce in a single cycle.

Polyhouse Design Solar Dryer
Model: RSFP P500
Price: Rs. 1,62,000 + 5 % gst and transportation
Average Capacity: 500 kg

  • Foldable and Modular structure
  • Protection from Dust, Dirt, Rainfall, Insects and Harmful UV radiation
  • Installation required from expert
  • Size: 8 x 24 sq ft
  • Maximum Temperature: 50 +- 10 Degree Celsius
  • Actual Size of solar dryer: Width: 8 feet Length: 24 feet Height: 7.5 feet
  • Solar Panel Capacity: 120 W 12 V
  • Air Flow: Forced Convection using 12 V Fan, Number of Fan: 5 nos.
  • Total drying area with three vertical layers: 360 sq ft
  • Cover Material: UV stabilized Polyethylene sheet
  • Structure: MS frame, Al sheet supporting profile, wooden frame door

Leafy vegetables and Low moisture products like ginger, turmeric, beetroot.