About Us

Raheja Solar Food Processing Pvt Ltd was found to empower the farmers of India and to ensure their prosperity, by helping them protect their produce by using our scientific and advanced Solar Dryers.

Our Solar Dryer is the most economical option available in the market and applies a unique method to dehydrate fruits and vegetables, while maintaining their nutrients, color, taste, and aroma.

RSFP began its journey officially in 2018, bringing forth the conclusion of Varun Raheja’s life research. He found the solar dryer to be the ideal product to combat the issues being faced everyday by the farmers of India. He firmly believes that with the solar dryer he would be able to work towards his passion, which is to create a value-added product out of waste.

Our Solar Dryer is the perfect low-cost, easy-to-use solution that every farmer in our country needs now. The modern lifestyle market is conducive for dehydrated products and pays much better. In the last 2 years, we have succeeded in installing over 225 solar dryers with individual farmers and organizations in 23 Indian states and are currently processing monthly over 30,000 kg of fresh produce which would otherwise go to waste.

Believing in his passion, Varun turned down a job offer and finished any other occupancy he had in his past startup or commitments, to finally sail a single boat.

Driven by his zeal, today RSFP has become the one stop solution to put an end to the woes of our farmers. By reducing post-harvest losses, we help them to better control the market and create a micro food processing system with the farmers and connecting them to the macro economy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, which may otherwise go to waste can now be dehydrated using our solar dryer and the products can be stored for up to 6 months or more, without using any additives or preservatives. We have a complete system in place to promote the valuable resources of Indian horticulture by encouraging social entrepreneurship and creating a more conducive environment for the Indian solar food processing industry.

We provide complete step-by-step guidance – from installment of the dryer, to processing of produce, to marketing of products through trusted B2B contacts. From rural youth, self-help groups, farmer-producer organizations, to small scale enterprises, all are our direct beneficiaries.


Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to aware farmers about the affordable solar dryer technology, develop solar dried products from the valuable indigenous resources, promoting social entrepreneurship while encouraging solar food processing industries.


To create micro food processing system with farmers and connecting them to the macro economy of the country.

Nowadays, In India, we know the one who is responsible for feeding the people is sleeping hungry and killing himself. Suicide rates of farmers are increasing day by day. They compelled to throw their produce to wastelands, ponds, grazed by animals. And, in a country where a shortage of food supply is a major problem in some places, this must be unacceptable. The main problem of this unbalance is the low shelf life of food products. We cannot transport them to such a large distance because it gets damage or spoils between them. For example, Victoria queen pineapple, an special variety from Manipur are sold at the rates of Rs. 120-150 per piece in metropolitan cities, but the tribal farmers are getting only Rs. 5-10 because they can only be airlifted, which costs very high. If we are able to process the produce at the farm itself, farmer can get double- triple rate.

Indian farmers incur Rs 92,651 crore per year in post-harvest losses. Ironically, acc. to the high-level Dalwai committee report, an investment of Rs 89,375 crore —a figure marginally lower than the annual post-harvest losses required to develop the formal chain post-harvest. The wastage of huge amount of produce leads to high market prices of produce. Preserving those produce for the high market rates will create a balance in the prices of products. The folding design and affordable price of our solar dryer, will be able to reach each and every farmer in different corners of India.
Taking example of onion, at the end of 2019, the prices of onion was very high. If the onion which was available @ Rs. 1-2, just 2-3 months before can be dehydrated and sold in the market during high market rate, will benefit both the farmer and the consumer.

1. In developing solar dryer, top target for our research team was to create a self sustainable dehydrator which uses only renewable sources of energy as energy source.
2. Our solar dryer runs only on solar energy, it doesn’t require any source of electricity. Each 4 * 8 sq ft solar dryer helps us to save around 730 kg of carbon emissions annually. We already have installed 150 solar dryer, which accounts for a total 110 MT carbon savings in production.
3. The simple design of solar dryer reduces energy used in manufacturing and raw material use of the solar dryer is locally procured which also reduces the carbon footprint of logistics.
4. Our solar dried products don’t require special conditions to store.
5. We package our product in completely sustainable paper packaging, which saves 100 tonnes plastic waste till now