About Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer

Solar dryer is a system that uses solar energy to dry substances especially food. The purpose of this dryer is to supply controlled and optimised heat to the product than that available naturally in direct Sun to save the nutrients value. It protects fresh products from UV radiation, dust, dirt, insects and pollution. Solar dried products can be stored from 6 months to even more, without using any additive or preservative.

Working of Solar Dryer

Tunnel Solar Dryer works on the principle of greenhouse effect, in which solar radiation gets trapped inside the closed chamber. It has two section: one is collector area, where heat is generated using black floor and second is drying area, where fresh products are kept to dry. The trapped radiation produces heated air in collector which is then supplied over fresh products using a constant air supply from fan results in vaporisation of moisture and then moisturised air goes out from other side of tunnel. Solar Dryer is self sustainable model, it doesn’t require any supply of electricity.

Our solar dryer product range with their capacity is as follows: