About Solar Dried Products

Solar Dried Products

Specially grown raw materials are processed in a modern plant under controlled conditions to provide you full natural flavor of spices/vegetables and fruits in a concentrated form. All products are absolutely free from artificial coloring and flavoring substances. Our dehydrated fruits, spices and vegetables are more economical than fresh ones. A kg of dehydrated produce is equivalent to 7 to 20 kg of fresh produce depending upon the variety.

Lifestyle product

Our products comprise of characteristics which make it a perfect lifestyle product . Its easy retail packaging makes it convenient for the consumer to buy his taste and preference from a huge variety we offer ,which is available throughout the year.
Also the storage of the same is n With this fast pace lifestyle products of RSFP is a healthy choice with intact nutrition content and strong taste.

No additive flavour or chemical

Mostly the reason of spoilage of any fresh product is the moisture content present inside it. And in this process, we remove the moisture which increases the shelf life of the product without adding any chemical, preservative or additives(which is normally 6-8 months).

Availability throughout the year

Our production team is well equipped with experts which enables us to maintain the stock throughout the year and make it available to the buyers’ periphery.

Intactness of flavour, fragrance, colour and concentration of taste and nutrients

On dehydration of the product, we remove most of the moisture content present inside the food product, moreover the other values of the product concentrated into a small piece. It enhances taste and nutritional value ,flavour, fragrance, colour of the product in kept intact.

Customized packaging for industrial usage

We also supply our products in industrial packaging for commercial or industrial usage.

Solar Dried Products